The Battle For Main Street: How to Reclaim America's Heritage

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The Battle For Main Street is raging all around us. It is being fought on every imaginable front. We fight them on Facebook, and we fight them at our kid's little league games. We fight them in the board room and in the bedroom. It wasn't always like this. We didn't start the Culture Wars. They started on K Street, Madison Avenue, and Hollywood Boulevard, but they've come home to where we live. The rubber meets the road every time you see something contemptible and are expected to look the other way, or worse celebrate it.

The Battle For Main Street is at once a thrilling review of America's unique religious and cultural identity—including our role as a "nation of nations"—and a warning that America's greatness era cannot continue unless Christians reclaim our national heritage, create culture instead of just consume culture, and enact a strategy of "winning at love". 

Venturino tells the story of our founding by religious Pilgrims seeking a land to freely worship God, and how it all went wrong. He explains that there are two America's- one that honors God and seeks to keep him in the culture, and one that wants to dismiss Him altogether. 

This nation came into being, because our Founder's knew that our rights come from our creator. As Christians, we must love our neighbor, by doing our part to refashion the American experience in the image of a godly culture as revealed in the Scriptures. What are the elements of a godly culture? What would that even look like, in our day in age? Should a Christian be involved in politics? The culture wars? Own a gun? The biblical answers to these questions and more await you inside the pages of The Battle For Main Street.